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Welcome to Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital Scarborough

Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital is a well-established animal clinic serving compassionate veterinary care to Scarborough & nearby communities. Our veterinarians offer a multitude of pet health services including preventive care, dental and surgical solutions aimed at improving the quality of your pet’s life.

Scarborough Veterinarians


Our experienced veterinarians bring a trove of vet knowledge. They have the right healing touch to provide full attention to your pet’s medical needs.

Local Vets in Scarborough

Advanced Care

Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital is a full-service animal hospital with necessary pet diagnostics, multiple-disciplinary emergency and critical pet care treatment.

Best Veterinary Care


Our veterinarians and staff are responsible pet owners. We understand pet emergencies & ensure effective veterinary care for our patients.

At Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital, we strive to deliver effective and reliable pet health care services. Our compassion drives us to offer vet services as a respectable extension of Scarborough’s primary vet care services including surgery, critical care, emergency and more.

Our multitudes of veterinary services make us one of the trusted pet hospitals in Scarborough. Besides general vet solutions, we provide services including dentistry, Anesthesia, surgery, oncology and internal medicine. Our clinic is easily accessible from Highway 401. We offer per emergency services with quick response times. In-house vet pharmacy plus access to qualified vets makes our facility a comprehensive pet health center.

Whether it’s a routine check-up or a surgery, we ensure your pet receives the love and care it deserves.

Our Team

Dr.Mandeep Chaudhary
Dr.Mandeep Chaudhary
DVM – MVSc (Surgery and Radiology)
Dr.Parminder Kauldhar
Dr.Parminder Kauldhar

Meet the veterinarians of Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital. Besides effective veterinary services, we all share compassion and love for our furry friends.
Our vets are dedicated to educate pet owners on how to maintain their pet’s health. We encourage exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Consult us today for detailed health check-up of your pet.