We are really overwhelmed to announce that our veterinary services at Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital are ranked best in Scarborough. We are the #1 Animal & Pet Health Clinic that is constantly delivering quality treatment to your adorable pets from past years. It is a great achievement and we would really like to thank our patients who realized our capability and posted positive reviews for us.

The New Year is here. Make a resolution that you will keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the year. Whether you have a dog, hampster, cat, reptile or any other type of pet, your little pal will help create beautiful memories in the coming year as well. This is the time when review your pet's health care regimen again, see if you need to make any changes.

During hot summer months, simply playing fetch with your pet can leave him/her out of breath and lethargic. While humans can become uncomfortable when the temperature rises, their furry companions can get extremely sick. A dog's body does not cool down very easily and can sometimes become overheated, which can cause more severe problems such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Even the thought of parasites makes most people cringe. Studies have shown that around 34% of all dogs in Canada have some type of intestinal parasite. Worse yet, many people are found infected with the roundworm toxocara. That's right: people can also get roundworms, and other parasites, just like pets get them. Besides being creepy, parasites pose a serious health issue to both the pets and pet owners.

We all love our pets. For many of us, one way we show that love is through special treats that sometimes include human foods. These little treats can be fun for both pet and owner as long as we don't 'overdo' it and make them obese. However, every pet owner needs to understand that dogs and cats are very different from humans.

Diet plays a vital role in preventing diabetes in cats. According to our animal hospital Scarborough vets, most cats develop type 2 diabetes, but some also develop a different type of diabetes – type 1 diabetes. In both the cases, feeding a balanced diet is crucial to control and manage the disease.

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At Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital, our vets are dedicated to educating the pet owners on how to maintain their pet’s health. We encourage exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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