4 Promising Tips For Dental Care in Dogs & Cats

4 Promising Tips For Dental Care in Dogs & Cats

Dental CarePets often suffer from dental health issues, just like humans do. From gingivitis to plaque and swollen gums, they go through dental pain and discomfort if not taken proper care of. Every responsible pet owner should focus on the oral wellness of their loved pooch, right from the teeth to gums. To avoid paying a visit to a local vet, follow the given dental care tips to ensure healthy teeth in dogs and cats.

  • Brush your pet’s teeth
    Brushing the teeth of your stubborn pet is not an easy deal, but you have to follow this regime for their benefit. Cleaning their teeth and tongue ensure a healthy mouth and help in removing bad bacteria, tartar and plaque. If possible, consider brushing your cat or dog’s teeth twice a week.
  • Examine their mouth
    Unlike humans, pet’s cannot communicate or express their feelings of pain. It is your responsibility to examine them inside out and look for possible signs of oral or mouth infection. If they are not eating properly and are less active, schedule a pet dental checkup with a qualified vet.
  • Feed tooth-friendly food
    Compared to soft food, crunchy food is a boon for pet’s teeth. Give your cat or dog something hard to chew, such as a bone or calcium stick. It not only acts as a good source of mouth or gum exercise but also prevents plaque or tartar buildup on the teeth.
  • Schedule annual oral checkup
    Precaution is better than cure. Instead of paying hefty medical bills and making your pet suffer from pain, it is recommended to schedule an annual oral checkup by a qualified veteran to diagnose a tooth issue at an early stage.

So, these were some of the tips to follow to ensure good oral hygiene of your adorable dog or cat. If you are looking for a local vet in Scarborough, rely on our staff at HWY 401 Warden Pet Hospital.

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