How To Tell If Your Pet Is Getting Old

How To Tell If Your Pet Is Getting Old

Knowing how old your furry friend is essential to your canine’s health care. Canines age much faster than humans do and the old age in dogs increased several health problems and risks. When your pooch becomes older, be aware of changes in his behavior and mood. The potential changes can be indications that something is physically wrong with your companion. Older dogs don’t have ability to fend off illnesses declines.

Grey coat, slow down and poor vision or hearing are some normal signs of aging in dogs. Except these signs you need to keep an eye on some signs of illness like excretion, weight loss, weight gain, food and water consumption and other digestive related signs. Once a dog turn seven or eight, it is essential to keep an eye on some signs of physical decline. If your furry friend is showing certain behaviors, he or she may be experiencing physical decline.

Your canine no longer wants to exercise

It can be a very common sign of aging. But it can also be a serious sign of ailments. Most of the pet owners overlook this symptom in their pet. If your furry friend is suffering from congestive heart failure problem, he will be uncharacteristically tired and unwilling to exercise.

Weight loss

It is a very common sign that the older will gain or loss a little bit of their weight as they age. But the continuously weight loss is a clear sign for many serious ailments that affect your furry friend’s health. If your four legged friend exhibits increased appetite, increase thirst and loss weight, he could be suffering from diabetes.

Weight gains

Just like weight loss, weight gain is another sign of several diseases. When canines age, their metabolisms may change, which can cause to gain weight even though they are exercising on a daily basis. Obesity makes it more difficult for pets do exercise.

Hearing loss

Canines may lose their hearing as they age. Canines with hearing loss problems may bark without any reason or may fail to come when you are calling. Your furry friend may also ignore some commands that he usually respond to.

Changes in the eye and vision loss

Changes in the eyesight and vision loss are the clear signs of aging in dogs. Changing a condition of the eye called nuclear sclerosis. In such condition, the lens of the eye may appear cloudy.

Check the fur color

Just like humans, senior pets may start to show gray hair. When your furry friend complete seven or eight years of his life, he begins to gray. Thinner and duller hair coat may also a sign of ailment or nutritional efficiency. Senior dogs need to be groomed more often.

Senior pets can experience several changes in the functions of their bodies. When you notice changes in your dog’s behavior and physical moments, it is crucial to consult with your vet as soon as possible. You need to monitor your canine very closely. For detailed health checkup of your dog, you can contact us at Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital in Scarborough.

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