Tips To Stop Your Pet From Destructive Chewing

Tips To Stop Your Pet From Destructive Chewing

We’ve all been there – you excitedly go to your closet to wear your new pair of shoes and found that they have been torn to pieces by your puppy. It is undoubtedly an annoying situation. But, you need to stay calm. Chewing habit can be destructive sometimes, that’s why it is important to control your puppy’s chewing behavior.

  • Be attentive

    It is advisable to keep an eye on your puppy so that he/she doesn’t chew on just anything.

  • Create a confinement area

    If you have to leave your puppy alone, it is better to confine him in a harmless and cozy place. Puppies generally get bored when they are alone and chew on things. Just keep his chew toys in the confinement area, nothing else.

  • Prevention is key

    It is ideal to keep all the things away from the reach of your pet including shoes, children’s toys, plastic bags, clothes, medicine container, wallets and purses – just about everything. Also keep the valuable objects in a safe place so he couldn’t find them.

  • Choose puppy toys wisely

    Make sure you buy good quality puppy toys that don’t fall off or be chewed off easily. This can even become a choking hazard. So, choose the toys wisely.

  • Discipline is a must

    You are the master of your puppy and its your responsibility to teach him some discipline. The puppy needs to be taught early that he just cannot chew on anything.

  • Exercise daily

    Don’t let your puppy get bored so try to keep him involved in some sort of activities. This will refrain him from chewing on your household stuff. Exercise is a good way to channelize his energy levels.

  • Correct then divert

    When your puppy is chewing on an inappropriate object, correct him and then divert his attention to something else. You can use a meat-scented nylon bone or a rubber toy that is safe and non-toxic. If he obeys you, praise and encourage him.

All the above tips will help you control the destructive chewing behavior of your puppy. We, at Warden Pet Animal Hospital, provide advice on how to keep your puppy from chewing on everything.

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