Microchip Application

microchipStatistics reveals that thousands of pets go missing every year leaving their owners in grief. Some pets might succeed in getting back home but a high percentage of pets never reach home. People buy expensive collars and tags for their loving pets but they too can not safeguard your pets.

Loss of a pet can be a heart breaking and unbearable situation for the family members. So, it is crucial to adopt some measures that help you in tracking your beloved pet easily. You can rely on technology to ensure the safety of your pets. Hwy 401 Warden Pet provides pet microchip implants to track lost pets.

What are Microchips and how they help the Pets?

A Microchip is a device as small as a rice grain. It is meant to significantly increase the security of your pet. Now, you don’t have to panic when you could not find your pet around. You can locate and rescue the pets in less time with the help of microchip. Our experienced veterinary staff can implant a chip under the pets skin with minimal discomfort. Every Microchip has its own unique identification code along with your address and contact details. The microchip is registered within the records of ‘National Pet Database’ that maintains the record of all the household pets. Veterinary hospitals and other organizations taking care of stray animals have microchip scanners that can detect the chip and the unique ID related to every pet.

Advantages of Microchips

  • Easy to implant – Minimal Pain
  • 25 years life span
  • Quick identification even if without tag
  • Safe, easy and effective
  • Reunite the pets and pet owners
  • Stolen pets can be rescued in no time
  • Microchips are compatible with the tissues
  • Simple and painless procedure
  • Microchip-selfpowered
  • Cost-effective-best value for money

24/7 Pet Watch

We, at Hwy 401 Warden are registered with 24 Pet Watch , a company dedicated to locating pets with a microchip and strongly recommend microchipping all pets.This small device under the skin of your pet can help them in the family reunion in case they get lost.

Call us now to get your pet microchipped.

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