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Dr. Parminder Kauldhar

Dr. Parminder KauldharI graduated from College of Veterinary Medicine in India in 1994 and since then worked as a Veterinary Officer with a special interest in small animal surgery, preventive medicine and dermatology. I love animals and enjoy talking to people about their pets. Practice of veterinary medicine is my passion and surgery is an art to me. Licenced as a veterinarian from College of Veterinarians of Ontario, Guelph since 2006, I worked at the 24-hour North Town Veterinary Hospital and North Park Veterinary Hospital in Brampton untill 2010. My philosophy is centered on knowing you and your pet with ultimate aim of taking the time to address your concerns.

I am very pleased to work with Dr. Mandeep Chaudhary who carry immense experience in veterinary practice and we also work at a pace where we can be personable to you and your pets. When not working , I enjoy time with my family which includes wife, daughter , son and young Maltese puppy Roxy.

Dr. Mandeep Chaudhary

Dr. Mandeep ChaudharyDr. Mandeep Chaudhary graduated from faculty of Veterinary Medicine in India in 1997 with honors. He then completed his Masters in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in 1999 with honors. He started his career as veterinary officer with the state government before joining the Department of Surgery and Radiology, Ludhiana as Assistant professor. He has trained budding veterinary students and also imparted advanced training to veterinarians across the country in the field of Surgery and Radiology. During his tenure he has authored several published articles related to veterinary surgery.

Dr. Chaudhary immigrated to Canada in 2006 and worked as a veterinarian in Yukon before coming to Ontario. He has special interests in orthopedics . The spare time is spent with his wife, son Harsh and daughter Samaria. He plays and is a big cricket fan . He loves trekking and outdoors whenever he gets a chance of the busy schedule.

Dr. Priyanka Mensinkai

Dr. Priyanka MensinkaiDr. Priyanka Mensinkai is our newest recruit ! She graduated from Queen’s University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then went on to complete her Veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in 2015.Dr. Mensinkai first fell in love with animals when her parents welcomed their handsome retriever, Kili (named after Mt.Kilimanjaro), into the family. After that introduction there was no going back. She is a lover of all animals and is very passionate about preventive health care.She believes the human-animal bond is an important connection to preserve and plans to keep you and your pet happy by providing quality veterinary care. In her spare time Dr. Mensinkai loves to travel, hike, and spend time with her friends and family.


EmmalynEmmalyn is our registered veterinary technician and has worked with us since 2014. Prior to joining our team, she spent some time working with wildlife at the TWC as well as avian and exotics at the OVC. She has a passion for anesthesia and pain management and wishes to continue her education in this field. In her spare time, Emmalyn enjoys hiking, snowboarding, reading, and going to Toronto festivals.

She has a dog named Rosie and a rabbit named Bun buns.


CatherineWhether it was rescuing birds to provide a safe haven when injured, or nursing abandoned baby kittens to health, Catherine always knew that she was going to work with animals. Her passion finally grew into a career after completing her animal care program at Sheridan College. Expanding her knowledge and gaining experience working with dog trainers, cage free daycares and her reptiles allowed her to continue to grow professionally.With an avid interest in veterinary medicine she finally feels at home happy to be providing exceptional care for all animals big and small.

Holly (Manager)

hollyWhen Holly was 14 she decided that she wanted to work with animals because she has always loved them and then started to work towards that goal. Holly graduated Sheridan College in 2007 for the Animal Care program and loved it. Holly joined our team in September of 2014 as a vet assistant, then took 1 year off to have her second child in 2016 and has been back since March 2017. Holly has had many pets but the one that has made a huge impact on her life was a golden retriever named Maddison. Holly got Maddison as a puppy in 2003 and she was not “just a dog”; she was a family member that was treated with the same amount of respect and given the same amount of love as human family members. Maddison had a real connection with everyone she met, but especially her family. Maddison passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her closest family at 13 years of age. Holly has learned many valuable lessons from Maddison during her time on Earth which inspires her to progress in the animal medical field.


grazynaEver since Grazyna was a little girl she always felt very special bond with animals. Following her heart and dreams, Grazyna graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Poland. After her graduation she moved to Canada. In 2014 she joined Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital as a part time staff member while working on obtaining her Canadian Veterinary License. She gets her training and hands-on experience working under supervision of Dr.Chaudhary and Dr. Kauldhar.Grazyna’s professional interest focus on dermatology and pain management.When not studying or working Grazyna enjoys going to the gym, horse back riding and traveling.

Mary Aldana

Mary AldanaHer love for animals started when she was a kid as she had pets most of her lifetime. It all became clear for her when she volunteered at a Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Mexico for 6 months in 2014 while she was finishing a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design. She knew then that her real passion was working with animals. Mary came to Canada looking to get more animal experience and that’s how she began to volunteer for a year at Toronto Wildlife Centre. Later in 2017, Mary worked at a vet clinic for over a year which provided a lot of knowledge in the field. Recently she joined our team at Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital looking to expand her experience and passion. She has a 9 year old cat named Lázaro which she loves to cuddle and play with. In her spare time she enjoys practicing kickboxing, hanging out with friends, travel and watch movies.


BronteLike many others, Bronte felt an attachment to animals at a young age.While finishing her degree in Environmental Biology, she decided to pursue veterinary medicine. From there she volunteered at various clinics and non-profit animal organizations to gain more experience and knowledge. While at home, she is accompanied by her three pets; Terri, Alpha and Burberry. Right now she is seeing what new opportunities may come up as she discovers more about herself and continues to grow.

Amandeep Kaur

Since her childhood, Aman always saw her uncle helping furry friends. This is how she gained a passion that encouraged her to study animal sciences. She graduated in India from College Of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. Afterwards, she moved to Canada in search of more opportunities to help animals. She joined Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital team in 2018 and she keeps learning new things everyday to help our pets to have a better life.

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At Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital, our vets are dedicated to educating the pet owners on how to maintain their pet’s health. We encourage exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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