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Affordable and Effective Spay/Neuter Surgery in Scarborough

Large number of dogs and cats end their lives in shelter homes. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people to adopt them. To control this overpopulation of cats and dogs, spay/neuter surgery becomes crucial. It is the most effective way to prevent their over-population and provide more quality health care services to the animals.

We, at Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital provide effective spay/neuter method to control the population of pets along with ensuring their good health.

Benefits of Spaying/Neutering Pets

  • Spaying/neutering in pets prevent the chances of breast cancer and uterine infection in females and testicular cancer in males;
  • Pets are easy to handle and train. The surgery reduces their desire to find a mate;
  • The animals stop roaming in search of a partner decreasing their chances of getting lost or indulging into a fight;
  • The heat cycle of females become clean and they stop attracting unwanted males;
  • Minimizes aggression in animals;
  • Marking territory, spraying like habits can be controlled by a simple surgery;
  • It is the cost-effective way of reducing the extra expenses of veterinary care and food for the unexpected puppies and kittens;

Our Mission

The mission of our veterinarians in Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital is to render reliable spay/neuter surgery at competitive price. We aim to see every pet living a healthier and happier life. Our vets guide the clients about the post-surgery precautions required for the pets after spaying/neutering. Our pet wellness programs are customizable meeting the medical conditions of the pets.

We are a team of compassionate vets in Bolton working towards the welfare of all animals. Our hospital is equipped with all the necessary surgical tools along with qualified vet staff.