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Behavioral Consultation

Like humans, animals also show behavioral changes. There are various reasons for behaviour change such as age, environment, diet, social life and more.

Pet Parasites Deworming

Every veterinarian worth his salt would readily agree that parasites are the biggest nuisance for pets. As the spring or summers approach, Mother Nature starts….

Dental Health

Let’s begin with a fact: 85% pets are suffering from mild to severe periodontal disease. This is an alarming situation and pet owners need to understand….

Cancer and Treatment

Cancer is a condition in which the cells of the body tend to multiply uncontrollably. In this case, the body goes against its own kind and tends to create….

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory analysis becomes indispensible in cases where there is a requirement of accurate and effective determination of a disease and/or health condition.


Statistics reveals that thousands of pets go missing every year leaving their owners in grief. Some pets might succeed in getting back home but a high….

Pet Insurance

So, Why insure pets?
Generally, people ignore this idea. But little do they know that there are benefits of getting….

Diagnostic Imaging – Radiology

Pet diagnostic imaging and radiology services play a significant role to meet the diagnostic needs of vets and their patients. In fact, this is….

Intra-Ocular Eye Pressure Testing

Measuring the intra-ocular pressure in your pet’s eye is a general veterinary procedure and is used to diagnose glaucoma. This is something that can’t….

Physical Exam and Vaccines

Cat and dog vaccinations are an integral part of their growing up. Our lovable pets are as prone to deadly diseases as we are. Numerous viruses and….

Preventative Care

At Hwy 401 Warden Pet, we care for your little four-legged friends as it if were our own. We make sure your cat or dog receives the most….


The Hwy 401 Warden Pet was established so that pet owners could avail high-quality safer veterinary surgeries. We make sure that your pet gets….

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