Preventive Care

At Hwy 401 Warden Pet, we care for your little four-legged friends as it if were our own. We make sure your cat or dog receives the most compassionate preventive vet care. With a talented staff; a wide array of quality pet services and medical equipment, you can rest assured of the safety and care of your pet. We have a mission to combine affordability and convenience with first-class customer service to provide reliable preventive care.

Our preventive care services include

  • Routine Vaccines

    Routine vaccinations are essential for the prevention of diseases. We work along with you in order to develop a specialised vaccination plan especially tailored to suit your pet’s environment and lifestyle.

  • Parasite Protection

    All year round parasite protection is crucial for your pety health. Prevention is a much affordable, safe and effective option.

  • Annual Health Screening

    Pet age years are significantly faster than ours. Thus, the aspects of your pet’s health can change drastically in a short time period. Therefore, annual visits for young or adult pets are very much recommended. Diagnostic visits at least twice a year are encouraged for dogs of age 7 or older and cats aged 8 and older.

  • Senior Health Screening

    A comprehensive exam for senior pets includes physical and laboratory testing along with client education. As vets, we depend on the lab results a lot in order to understand the myriad aspects of your pet’s health. It also helps in the early diagnosis of systemic problems. Effective diagnostics in combination with client education regarding exercise and nutrition will keep your senior pets extremely healthy and comfortable.

  • Weight Management

    Proper nutrition is one of aspects in a pet’s health that is often overlooked. More than half of Canada’s pet population suffers from obesity and there are several factors behind it including poor feeding habits, lack of exercise and age. Overweight pets run a high risk of getting affected by problems like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease etc. At Hwy 401 Warden Pet, we have always stressed the importance of a balanced nutritional diet and exercise regime.

  • Dental Health

    Just like humans, dental health is also important for pets. Dental diseases lead to bad breath, pain and other health issues. We provide a wide array of dental services at our clinic through our reliable vet team experienced in treating animal dental problems.

We, at Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital, believe in protecting and enhancing the health of your pet with our reliable preventative care strategies. As the ‘health advocates’ of your pet, our main goal is to keep your pet fit and healthy throughout its entire life. Our pet preventive care services offer locals Scarborough residents a place for pet health nirvana.

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